LIVE Band Sound System

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LIVE Band Sound System

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LIVE Band Sound System

This sound package is a complete solution for LIVE band and musical performance. This package offers a complete sound performance for 1800-2000 audiences in an indoor environment. Complex sound operation and O2O balance save operation use as per your requirement. This O2O balance will give you the confidence for your LIVE performance and definitely eliminate your past frustration and increase your future performance competency.

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  • - 48 Channel Digital Mixer
  • - Complete virtualization & O2O control
  • - 12,000 Watts
  • - 2 x 15″ & Horn Speakers
  • - 2 x 18″ & Horn Speakers
  • - 2 x 18" Duo Sub Speakers
  • - 5 x 500 Watts F/B
  • - 2 x 13″ Wedges
  • - 2 x 12″ Wedges
  • - 1 x 15" All Rounder
  • - Dedicated Digital Effect for 48 channels
  • - Dedicated Digital V-FX for LIVE Stage Self Management
  • - 2 x Wireless Ann Microphone
  • - 2 x Main Vocal Microphone
  • - 4 x Vocal Microphone
  • - 4 x Instrument Microphone
  • - 9 x Microphone Stand
  • - 2 x Heavey duty Speakers Stand
  • - Multicore Stage Cables
  • - 18 x XLR 10 Meters
  • - 2 x XLR 15 Meters
  • - Required Patch Cables
  • - 3 x Pin to Pin Cables 9 Meters
  • - 1 x Pin to Pin Cables 15 Meters
  • - 30 x Required adapters
  • - WiFi DAW Control¹
  • - Self Monitor control via iPhone/iPad²
  • - Remote Sound Balance³
  • - LIVE show- Digital Video recording tripod (1920 Full HD Quality)***
  • - LIVE show- Digital Video recording multi (Professional Quality)¤

  • ¹ WiFi DAW Control required venue planning. Additional charges may required based on requirement.
  • ² Self Monitor control via iPhone/iPad required venue planning. Additional charges may required based on requirement.
  • ³ Remote Sound Balance required additional charges based on requirement. This operation required self iPad (upto 4 iPads can be supported simulteniously) iPad not supplied. Self iPad is required. Sound balance knowledge and DAW experiance is essential.
  • *** This service required pre booking and detail discussion. Standard recording with 1920 Full HD Quality recording on tripod. Static video capture only. Additional charges required. 
  • ¤ This service required pre booking and detail discussion. Camera Crew members required program details and stage settings plan. Additional charges required as per requirement.
  • - LIVE show- Digital Audio recording (Std. Stereo- raw mp3 format)*
  • - LIVE show- Digital Audio recording (24 Channel L+R)**
    *Standard recording on computer. Depanding on the venue and stage management. Additional charges may require. **Additional charges required. Detail requirement is required.

Lost in tune...... not only audiances but also yourself


Blended in tune


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