Anisur Rahman started his musical journey from Bulbul Lolitokola Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has learned Classical music and received direct lessons from Ustad Sri Sanjeeb Dey.

Besides singing, Anis has dedicated his melody aspiration and music knowledge towards many others. Founder member of Sydney Oikotan group in year 2004. He is an integral part for Kisholoy KochiKacha – Children’s Music & Dance group since 2009.

Anisur Rahman is a multi talented and devotee for music and art-culture. Beside singing he is also a virtuoso musician.

Mr. Rahman is well known in Bangladeshi community as an active social worker. He is an active member of many other welfare organisations and helping many LIVE programs in Sydney since 2004.

Let’s put our hands together to welcome and cheer Anisur Rahman for his great contribution and also on his performance in this musical event on the 25th of August 2019 at  5pm @ ‘An Evening of Duo Music by Anis & Roksana LIVE on Facebook’ at 📡 #360EventCenter