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Mr. Bijoy Saha is a passionate percussionist and has a deep hunger for different music genres. From very early stage of his life, Mr. Saha was introduced with music. His mother was a singer and he used to go with her when she performed in Radio and Television. His sister is a famous Robindra Sangeet Singer in Bangladesh whom he used to play Tabla from his early stage of learning.
As he was privileged to be born into a culturally aware family, his rhythmic and percussion magic are much-admired by Bengali music lovers living in Australia. Mr. Saha has started his musical passion about 28 years ago and later he started playing many other percussion instruments including Tabla, Dhol, Khol, Naal, Jimbey, Congo, Bongo, Shakers, big drums, Piano, Keyboard, Harmonium and many more. Bijoy plays flute and harmonica as a hobby but well-wishers acclaimed as pro. Often he will witnesses through beautiful allures from Semi-classical & Modern songs to Country Folk music as well as Rock Band Songs. He has performed and participated with a number of popular performers in Bangladesh and with the many leading singers in Australian community.

Bijoy started playing Tabla at the age of 10 but it was then only to observe other music teachers how they play and he tried to follow them and learned few notes. Surprisingly those few notes he used to put in to rhythm and started playing those rhythm with his mum. Bijoy didn’t have any formal musical education at that time. After a few years of his home school in Tabla, he was formally introduced with his first Guru Ustad Kamol Banergee from whom Bijoy learned his basics and intermediate part of Tabla.
And there after the next 5 years followed by to enrol at Chayanot Sangeet Vidyatan which is an institution devoted to Bengali Culture. Mr. Saha has completed Chayanot’s Tabla 5 year’s course by achieving High Distinction with Merit.

Mr. Saha is inspired by his First Guru Ustad Kamol Banerjee. Ustad Zakir Hossain is also an inspirational artist from his childhood.
He grew up in an environment where classical, semi classical, Robindra Sangeet, Nazrul Sangeet, Bengali Folk singers were around him so of course these areas of music are his passion however Pop, Rock and Country music also attract him.

Bijoy is currently an active and proud member of Lal Shobuj – A Bangladeshi band in Sydney which was formed in 2008. His contribution with LalShobuj is about 4 years with Tabla, and percussion. Mr. Saha is also an active member of Shekor – The Root (folk musical group in Sydney) and Campbelltown Bangla School’s Music Class.

Bijoy has participated in countless stage LIVE performances in a small to large scale in his musical journey in many cities including Dhaka and Sydney – Ramna Botomul, Dhaka Central Public Library, DU TSC, ANZ Stadium, Fairfield Show Ground, Campbelltown Sports Stadium, West League Club, The Star Event Centre etc.

The first open air performance by Bijoy was at TSC in 1996 with Dhaka University Management Department reunion.

Bijoy has performed at Ramna Botomul in Dhaka with Chayanot in Bengali New Year program. Since moved to Sydney He has performed with many renowned singers and local musical institutions in Sydney along with guest singers from Bangladesh.

Mr. Saha has also performed with many distinguished singers including Mira Mandol, Shajid Akbar, Salma Akbar, Sirajus Salekin, Apel Mahmud. He also performed with Sydney’s famed singers including Fahima Nasrin Lipi, Faria Nazim, Lamia Ahmed Lunia, Anisur Rahman, Roksana Begum, Sujon Ashiq and many others respected singers.

Bijoy Saha loves visiting new places and to attend Cultural Events.
Bijoy Saha used to be a Banker while he was living in Bangladesh. But for the past 19 years he is working at Hospitality Corporate with Chandler Macleod Group.

Bijoy is also a certified Vocational Trainer and Assessor. For the past few years he has been playing percussion part with Lal Shobuj Band where Bijoy always try to introduce new tones from different types of percussion instruments. At the same time Mr. Saha is actively involved with Community Language Institution called Campbelltown Bangla School as a Cultural Secretary.
Bijoy also assist playing Tabla in Music Classes in the same school which is his passion to work with children in music. Bijoy’s future plan is to share his percussion knowledge and experiences to the young kids who are passionate to learn this part of music.

Mr. Saha is focused and composed with passion, career and family.
Beside musical aspiration he has achieved-

B.Com (hons),
M.Com in Business Management – Dhaka University Masters of

International Business (MIB) – University of Wollongong

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – University of Wollongong

Cert IV in Training And Assessment (TAA) – TAFE NSW
Mr. Saha is a person who will deliver the best and ‘Show must go on’ believers, hence after all busy schedules with a family of 2 children and wife Rupa, he is perusing his musical inspiration.
A message from Bijoy:

❤️ “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”- So like music, love music and make music part of your life. ❤️

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