Masud Mithun with his euphonious voice is highly acclaimed by Bengali music lovers living in Australia. Close family and friends also known him as Mithun. Hails from a family where everyone has a strong passion for music, Mithun started his musical journey at a young age. While accompanying his sister to a music school, he got attracted to the irresistible power of music, rhythm and tune.

To start with Mithun attended Shuro-dhara a musical institution of Bangladesh. He took his classical lesson from Ostad Sanjeeb Dey. Later on, Nazrul geeti and adhunik (Modern Bengali song) songs from Nasima Shaheen Fancy.

An Accountant by profession, Mithun started his career in the corporate world and was still singing in some programs in Bangladesh. Migration to Australia more than a decade ago couldn’t create any intermission to his strong inclination towards the music.

Mr. Masud Hossain started singing as a solo performer in Sydney and later on along with 3 other music lovers formed the musical group Lal Shobuj with in a short time.

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Masud Mithun and Lal Shobuj are now a familiar name amongst the Bangali community in Australia. Mithun individually and with Lal Shobuj regularly performs in the various cultural programs and travelled across the country with their splendid presentation.

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Mithun considers himself as a voracious listener of all sorts of music with a comfort zone of melodies, modern and oldies. He acknowledges wife 👩Neela as his inspiration and loves to sing classical, semi classical, old film songs and soft melodious band songs.

Masud Mithun is a dedicated cultural & social activist and a skilful organiser. He is the Vice President of Campbelltown Bangla School, a leading community language school of Sydney.

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