About Nahid Awlad (Nahid) –
Mr. Nahid Awlad Hossain is a passionate drummer and has a deep hunger for different music genres. He was privileged to be born into a musical family. With his rhythmic drumming stokes are much-admired by Bengali music lovers living in Australia. Mr. Hossain also known as Nahid. He has started his musical passion about 25 years ago and later started playing Drums, octopad and other percussion instruments to the beautiful allures from Semi-classical & Modern songs to Country Folk music as well as Rock Band Songs. He has performed and participated with a number of popular performers in Bangladesh and with the many preeminent singers in Australian community.

Since his childhood he is inspired by prominent Bangladeshi artists, Miles, SOULS, LRB, FEEDBACK. Nahid loves to hear different genre of music & songs starting from Classical, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Sangeet, Adhunik, folk and Band music.

Nahid is currently an active and proud member of Lal Shobuj – A Bangladeshi band in Sydney which was formed in 2008. His contribution with LalShobuj is about 6 years with playing with Drums.

He has participated in countless stage LIVE performances in a small to large scale in his musical journey in many cities and also many other community cultural programs, community fairs and private shows etc.
Nahid Awlad loves visiting new places and to attend Cultural Events.
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Nahid started his bachelor of Physics in Dhaka University, then left to Khulna University and completed a bachelor degree in Fisheries & Marine Resource Technology Discipline. He was very lucky to have the opportunity to share his musical passion with many great musicians within local network.
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Mr. Hossain is balanced with passion, career and family responsibilities and as a result after while he has again started studying Electrical Engineering as well as working in building system management. Nahid is a person who will never give up, after all busy schedules with a family of 2 children and wife he has pursued his musical inspiration.
A message from Nahid:

❤️ “The passion for music led him into a creative world where he encourages others to hold our Culture with pride.”❤️

Come, let us enjoy the bustling impressive drumming that Nahid will perform to the glorious garland of songs, that is bound to make this melodic evening a memorable one!
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