Saif Sohan is a talented professional keyboardist with ardent fondness for music. He was one of the lead keyboard player and the melodious artist for many cultural groups in Bangladesh.

Saif has learnt Piano from Russian Culture. At his early start he joined Prithak Band in Bangladesh and still he is continuing as an active member of Prithak Band.

Currently Saif is composing music and songs with different genre. His own creation offers a clear variation and taste of music.He has accomplished many compositions and few popular music such as Eka film -Nodi Kabbo, is one of the super hit. He has played with many respected and famous 🎀artists in Bangladesh🇧🇩.

Mr. Sohan is a LIVE show master for melody and able to produce instant art of tune. At the same time he is a magician for selecting tones on keyboard and his playing skills at live show is unparalleled.

Before coming to Australia Saif was a keyboardist and also a regular member of very popular Chime Band and always accompanied main vocal and musician Mr. Khalid.

Currently he is playing with Dhumketu band in Sydney🇦🇺. He has a jovial personality and has a good sense of humor with the skills set for short fun talk/ comedian scripting.

Lets put our hands together to welcome and cheer Saif Sohan on his performance in this musical event on the 25th of August 2019 at  5pm @ ‘An Evening of Duo Music by Anis & Roksana LIVE on Facebook’ at 📡#360EventCenter